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Flush Mount Interior RV LED Lights without Switch 4.5 Inch Round 4 Pack
REG. $46.99
Sale! - $35.99
You Save $11.00 (23.4%)
Free Shipping
Star Lights REV1157 Replacement Revolution 1157 LED Light Bulb - 2 Pack
REG. $27.99
Sale! - $23.99
You Save $4.00 (14.3%)
Star Lights REV150 Revolution 150 LED Light Bulb White
REG. $28.95
Sale! - $25.99
You Save $2.96 (10.2%)
Star Lights REV194 Replacement Revolution 194 LED Light Bulb - 2 Pack
REG. $26.95
Sale! - $25.99
You Save $0.96 (3.6%)
Star Lights REV200 Revolution 200 Lumen LED Light Bulb White Base
REG. $31.95
Sale! - $30.99
You Save $0.96 (3.0%)
Star Lights REV300 Revolution 300 Lumen LED Light Bulb White Base
REG. $36.95
Sale! - $34.99
You Save $1.96 (5.3%)
Star Lights REVLR Revolution Load Resistor - 2 Per Package
REG. $28.95
Sale! - $25.99
You Save $2.96 (10.2%)
Star Lights AB-10 Amberizing Bug Bulbs - 2 Pack
REG. $9.95
Sale! - $8.99
You Save $0.96 (9.6%)
JR Products Round Electric Cable Hatch Colonial White S-23-14-A
REG. $15.99
Sale! - $12.99
You Save $3.00 (18.8%)
JR Products Round Electric Cable Hatch Polar White S-23-10-A
REG. $12.95
Sale! - $8.99
You Save $3.96 (30.6%)
Thetford 94332 RV Round Black Electric Cable Hatch Without Back - Black
REG. $16.99
Sale! - $13.99
You Save $3.00 (17.7%)
JR Products 541-3-A Deluxe Round Electric Cable Hatch with Back - Black
REG. $16.95
Sale! - $13.99
You Save $2.96 (17.5%)
Camco 41313 12 Watt 15 Volt Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
REG. $20.95
Sale! - $16.99
You Save $3.96 (18.9%)
Dometic 200729000P Refrigerator Lamp Bulb
REG. $44.95
Sale! - $36.99
You Save $7.96 (17.7%)
Free Shipping
Thetford Deluxe Electrical Cable Hatch With Back | White | 94329
REG. $15.99
Sale! - $12.99
You Save $3.00 (18.8%)
JR Products MGE32-A Small Electric Cable Hatch
REG. $34.95
Sale! - $29.99
You Save $4.96 (14.2%)
JR Products 22132-A Large Electric Cable Hatch
REG. $47.95
Sale! - $39.99
You Save $7.96 (16.6%)
Free Shipping
Camco 54878 Replacement Fluorescent Tube 18 Inch LF15T8/CW - Cool White - 2 Pack
REG. $19.95
Sale! - $16.99
You Save $2.96 (14.8%)

RV Lighting & LED

Hanna Trailer Supply is your source for all of your RV Lighting needs. We carry a large selection of RV Lights, RV Light Fixtures, RV LED Lights, Party Lights for decorating your RV, Trailer or Motorhome and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs to help you save money and battery life. We even carry LED Lights for your utility and snowmobile trailers as well as for your snow plows and salt spreaders. Hanna Trailer is now also offering free shipping on all of our products as a way to say thank you to you, our loyal customers. 


RV Light Fixtures

Hanna Trailer is now stocking a wide variety of different incandescent and LED lighting fixtures for all of your RV Lighting needs. We have numerous shapes, styles and colors to fit the needs of all different lighting situations. We carry LED courtesy lights for your RV, Trailer or boat as well as clickable puck lights. You will find all of your favorite brands from trusted manufacturers like Camco, Diamond Group, Manufacturers' Select, Fasteners Unlimited, Innovative Lighting, Peterson Manufacturing, Progressive Dynamics, Thin-Lite and more!


RV Party Lights

Add some fun and exciting decorations to your RV, Trailer or motorhome this year with Rope Lights from Green Longlife. These LED rope lights are bright, fun and colorful and can add a unique touch to spice up the outside or your RV, Trailer, Motorhome or even boat. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and you can even buy kits like the Palm Tree, Cactus or Flamingo variety. These are definitely customer favorites! We also have hanging lantern lights for your rv or trailer awnings as well as many other different lights to help you decorate and light up your rv or trailer awning area.


RV Fluorescent Bulbs

Save money and battery life by installing these low cost and low energy consuming fluorescent tube lighting. Available in a variety of lengths and wattages we feature rv fluorescent lights from Thin-Lite and other trusted light manufacturers.


RV Incandescent Bulbs

If you are looking to replace those hard to find incandescent light bulbs then you have come to the right place. Hanna Trailer Supply has all of the hard to find and the common types of incandescent bulbs for your rv, trailer and boat.


RV LED Lights

RV LED Lights have many important benefits that they offer to consumers. They use very little energy which means lower costs for you as well as allowing for a much longer battery life. This means that you will have to spend much less time recharging your battery. RV LED Lights also generate no heat while at the same time producing the same amount of lumens as a traditional incadescent bulb. They are safe to the touch because they generate no heat. Finding the right bulb can be somewhat confusing for most people. To help make this process easier we have included a RV LED Light Bulb Cross Reference Chart below for you to use in determining the correct replacement RV LED Light Bulb for your particular needs. Be sure to visit our RV LED Light Bulb page to learn more about how RV LED Lights can help you save money every single year that you own your RV, Trailer, Motorhome or Boat.


RV LED Light Socket Base Type Chart

RV LED Light Socket Base Type Chart - 1141/1156, Double Contact, T10 Wedge, T15 Wedge, Wdge Base T-15, G4 Pin Base, T5 - T8 Tubes and Festoon


LED Light Spectrum Reference Chart

LED Light Bulbs - Kelvin Temperature Color Scale Reference Chart


RV LED Lights – Why You Should Consider Switching To LED Lights

Today the world is buzzing around the topic of LED lighting and all of the amazing benefits that switching to LED lights offers to consumers over traditional incandescent lighting. This applies not only to lights in your house but more importantly also to the lights inside of your RV. Here are just a few of the many reasons of why you should consider making the switch today.

If you own an RV then you know that regular incandescent light bulbs that are commonly found in every RV can become extremely hot to the touch. It really is surprising that these bulbs do not present more of a fire hazard. They are a hazard to families with young children though because many rv lights are low enough for children to reach which can be very harmful and painful to them. RV LED Lights on the other hand do not get hot at all. They do not even get warm. This prevents this problem 100 percent of the time from ever occurring again.

Another excellent reason for making the switch to RV LED Lights is that the average LED Light Bulb has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. Many of the Green LongLife RV LED Lights that we carry actually have a 100,000 hour life expectancy. With the frequency that most RV’ers go camping, these bulbs will most likely outlast the RV. This is great news for you as you will never have to worry about leaving on a trip and having one of your interior lights go out. This can really be a hassle when you are out in the middle of nowhere and a store is not close buy to go and purchase a replacement bulb.

However, the greatest benefit that everyone loves about LED Light Bulbs is the incredibly low impact that LED Lights have on your RV’s batteries. Most campgrounds and RV parks offer electrical hookups but there are many destinations across the world where you will have to rely on the RV’s batteries. At these times you will be happy that you have energy efficient LED Light Bulbs that will help you increase the amount of time that you can remain unplugged. LED Lights use such a small amount of power compared to traditional incandescent lights that you will not have to worry about your lights being the source that drains your batteries.

Switching to LED light bulbs in your RV will provide you with many benefits most importantly making your RV a safer and more efficient home away from home for you and your family.


Features and Benefits of Switching to RV LED Lights

Significant Energy Savings: A 12 Watt LED is a suitable replacement for a 60 Watt incandescent. You can save about $300 in just one year on energy costs by switching over!

Long Life Expectancy: The lifespan of LEDs range from 20,000 to 50,000 hours to even 100,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent, 3,000 hours for halogen and 8,000 hours for most fluorescent types.

Generate Less Heat: All lighting sources produce heat, but heat from LED bulbs is almost non-existent. This could mean significant savings in home cooling costs.

No Mercury Content: Fluorescents and other bulbs have a mercury content that could be dangerous to you and your family. LED Light Bulbs contain no mercury or other environmentally harmful substances.

No Emission of UV Radiation: Unlike incandescent, halogens and fluorescents that emit radiation which can fade artwork, fabrics and finishes, LEDS are ideal for accent lighting without have to use UV filters.

Special Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Effects: LED Light Bulbs provide directional sources of light which are ideal for interior or exterior down-lighting or economical floodlighting in wall sconces and ceiling fixtures. LED Bulbs can be used to quickly and easily achieve many decorative effects.

Compatibility with Incandescent Sockets: Replacement LED lamps are available that will simply screw into to your existing incandescent sockets making the transition easy and painless.

Under-Cabinet Task Lighting Possibilities: Special effects for kitchens, the home office and household work surfaces are now possible with LED lighting.


How To Determine What LED Light Bulb You Will Need

1. First you will need to determine what type of light socket base type that your old light bulb has (BA15S, 1141/1156, Double Contact, T10 Wedge, T15 Wedge, Wdge Base T-15, G4 Pin Base, T5 - T8 Tubes and Festoon, etc..)

2. Decide what level of brightness and color tone that you would like your new LED Light Bulb to have. Cool White is the brightest while Natural White is much more similar to the light emitted from the sun. Warm is a bit less bright than Natural and more earthy in color tone. Please see the LED Light Spectrum Reference Chart below for reference.

3. Determine what lumen output that you are looking for. Lumens are a measurement of the brightness of a bulb.

4. The LED Quantity of Diodes on a bulb and the style per bulb along with the quality of the LED bulb will help to determine the lifespan of a bulb. You will find bulbs here that last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours of usage.

5. If you are unsure of your socket base type, then you should be fine with a universal unless of course the type of bulb that you are replacing is a tube light. Please see the socket type chart below for your reference.

6. Some LED Light Bulbs are not designed to work with a dimmer switch so if you are using a dimmer switch, be sure to find a LED replacement bulb that will work with a dimmer switch.


How To Replace Tube Lights With RV LED Lights In Your RV


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