Meyer Snow Plow Pump Identification Photos


Meyer T-5 T-6

The First Electrolift units were the T-5 and T-6

Meyer U-13

Followed by the U-13 featuring Power Angle

Meyer E-45 Electro-Lift

Then came the E-45, with Power Angle

Meyer E-46 Electro-Lift

The E-46 likely came out after or at the same time as the E-47

Meyer E-47 Electro-Lift

The E-47 Electro-Lift is likely the most common
unit that is still in use today.

Meyer E-60H Quik LiftThe E-60 came next.

Meyer E-57 Electro-Lift

Followed by the E-57 (yes the numbering went backwards)

Meyer E-60 Quik Lift

The E-60 was updated with a new motor and PA Block.


ALL of the above units have been discontinued.

 T-5 T-6 –The T-5/6 was a plunger type pump. It had a Delco-Remy starter motor to operate the pump. The pump raised the plow blade. To lower the blade, there was a cable connected to an arm on the unit, that let the fluid out from under the lift ram, back into the reservoir.

U-13 –  The U-13 was a gear pump. It had a Prestolite motor that turned the gear pump. It had a spool valve block attached to the side of the base, which was operated by two cables to control lift, and power angle.

E-45 – The E-45 used the same design as the U-13, except it had a valve block with solenoid valves.

E-47 – The E-47 used the same gear pump and Prestolite motor as the U-13 and E-45. It used the same lift ram and fluid reservoir, and top cap too. The design of the base was changed to accept the new PA Block. The E-47 is probably the most popular snow plow pump ever made. They were offered in an E-47H model too. The H stands for High Lift. It has a 2″ longer stroke over a standard model. There are thousands of them in use to this day. Every part of the E-47 is still available from Meyer Products. Aftermarket suppliers offer many parts for the E-47 as well.

E-46 – The E-46 is an E-47 unit with a block off plate installed instead of a PA Block. It does not have power angle. It can be converted to an E-47 by removing the block off plate and installing a PA Block, the same as an E-47 can be converted into an E-46 by removing the PA Block and installing the block off plate. Also available as an E-46H.

E-60 – This was a totally new design. It was the fastest unit Meyer had made to date. The pump itself had a higher GPM flow than previous units, and the standard E-60 pump put out 2500PSI. It was set at 2500 PSI due to the small diameter of the lift piston on the end of the lift ram. The small surface area required 2500 PSI to lift the larger blades. The pump itself is capable of over 5000 PSI but the top cap of the unit will blow into pieces at approximately 3000 PSI. This is why it is VERY important to have the pump pressure set properly, with a pressure gauge. Also available as an E-60H model. The H stands for High Lift, it has a 2″ longer stroke versus a standard model E-60. The E-60H utilized the same larger diameter lift piston as the E-47, so pressure was only set at 2000 PSI, which was capable of lifting the larger blades. It also meant less amp draw on the vehicle electrical system with the lower pressure setting. It also featured an adjustable drop speed for the first time. It was discontinued by Meyer Products a couple of years ago.

E-57 – Meyer went backwards with their numbering. The E-57 was an updated version of the E-47 in that it had a new larger pump, and the same larger motor that the E-60 used. It also featured a newly designed PA Block with one of the fittings coming out the side of the PA Block. It had a 2 lug Iskra motor on it. One lug for power supply, and one lug for grounding the motor. This was an improvement over the single lug Fenner motor used on the E-60 units. The single lug motor used the motor mounting screws and the base of the motor making contact with the sump base for a ground path. Corrosion was (and is) extremely common, and the unit will start acting up. Poor grounds create all sorts of gremlins. The standard E-58H unit Meyer uses today is an E-57 with an updated PA Block that allows the drop speed of the plow to be adjusted. Like the E-47 and E-60 before it, the E-57 was available as an E-57H model as well. EZ Plus mountings used the E-57H as standard until the E-58H came out. The E-57 was discontinued by Meyer Products a couple of years ago.

E-60 New Fittings – The E-60 now used the same PA Block and 2 lug Iskra motor as the E-57. Nothing else changed initially. The standard E-60 began using the larger diameter lift piston, and pressure was reduced to 2000 PSI. No other internal changes.

The E-58H replaced all of these units in 2008/2009. There is no standard E-58. They are all H models.