Meyer Slik Stik Wiring

Here is a diagram of the back of the Meyer Slik Stik

Look closely at the layout of the terminals when making connections.


To: Must Have Power
Raise Red and White Wires
Lower Black Wire
Left White Wire
Right Green and White Wires


A Coil – On pump, Black Wire – Controls Lower

B Coil – On pump, Red Wire – Controls Raise

C Coil – On pump, Green Wire – Controls Right

Motor Solenoid – Under Hood, White Wire – Turns on plow Motor

Left angle is default. If the motor runs and no valves open, the plow goes left.

On older controller harnesses the power wire was black with an inline fuse.
On newer controller harnesses the power wire is dark blue with an inline fuse.

The Slik Stik is just a switch, it does not have or need a ground to work.