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ShoreLand’r manufactures a wide variety of parts for your boat trailer.

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Shorelander Trailer Parts and Accessories

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Shorelander 3110241 Winch Handle for DL600, 800, 1100 Model Winches
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Shorelander 5110688 Mini Red LED Sidemarker Light
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Shorelander 36308 Disc Brake Pads Kit
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Shorelander SK0120-01 Left White Poly Fender Kit
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Shorelander TA0936-16 Bunk Load Guide for 2x3 Frames - Textured Matte Black
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Shorelander TA0936-03 Bunk Load Guide for 2x3 Frames
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Shorelander TA0936-01 Bunk Load Guide Fish 2 x 3 V FR
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Shorelander SK0121-03 Black Poly Fender Kit for 13" Tires - 9" Width
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Shorelander SK0119-03 Right Black Poly Fender Kit
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Shorelander SK0120-03 Left Black Poly Fender Kit
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Shorelander Trailer Parts & Accessories

Hanna Trailer Supply offers a large assortment of genuine OEM Shoreland’r parts and accessories to ensure an exact fit on your Shorelander boat trailer. Buying genuine parts for your Shoreland’r trailer is crucial for proper fitment and performance.  From transom savers, axle and brake parts, replacement bunk boards, fenders, lights and wiring, to complete tire and wheel assemblies, Hanna RV is your destination for the best Shorelandr parts for your boat trailer project. Free shipping is included! ShoreLand’r goes above and beyond the competition in a number of key areas. These all add up to a trailer you can depend on year in and year out.

Hanna RV is your source for all online Shorelander boat trailer replacement parts sales from marine trailer rollers, stops, and hardware to jacks, winches, and straps. Shop our specialty line of Shorelander trailer parts and accessories online.

Shoreland’r Axle, Hub, And Brake Parts

Hanna Trailer Supply is your ultimate shopping experience for all of your Shorelandr boat trailer replacement axles, hubs, and brake parts. We offer the Shoreland’r wheel bearing protector that provides permanent bearing lubrication and protection by keeping water and dirt out, thus prolonging the life of your hubs. The Shorelandr boat trailer brake lockout bracket is useful in situations where you need to back over soft ground or up a hill as it keeps your brake actuator from compressing.  Our hub and bearing kits come complete with everything you need to replace the hub components on your Shorelander boat trailer, including the hub, bearings, cones, and dust seals.  From complete axles, caliper assemblies, disc brake solenoid kits, and axle pads, to disc brake actuators, breakaway cable assemblies, brake lines, and spindle sleeves, we are your source for the best Shorelander axle, hub, and brake repair parts! Make sure you have your Shorelandr trailer equipped with OEM brake parts from Hanna Trailer Supply to ensure that your marine trailer can stop safely and operate flawlessly.


Shoreland'r Bunks And Hardware

Hanna RV is your premier online destination for Shorelandr boat trailer bunks and hardware. Make sure to periodically check over your marine trailer bunk boards and hardware for any wear to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. We carry carpeted bunk board assemblies, mounting brackets, and other bunk board parts and mounting hardware kits for your Shoreland’r trailer to make any necessary bunk repairs. Loading your boat back on your trailer could turn into a time-consuming task when wind and waves are present. You owe it to yourself to make loading your boat a painless experience by using our bunk load guides, which are also easy to install. From bunk board brackets and centering bunk kits, to complete load guide assemblies, Hanna Trailer Supply carries everything you need to make needed repairs and replacements on your Shorelander bunk boat trailer!


Shoreland'r Fenders

Hanna Trailer Supply stocks a variety of genuine Shorelander fenders that offer the same fit and finish as your original fenders. Our replacement fenders are engineered to work with your specific Shorelander boat trailer perfectly, so it is best to choose to replace your old trailer fenders with original factory equipment ones from Shoreland’r to ensure exact fitment. Our OEM Shorelandr boat trailer fenders are constructed of high-impact polyethylene plastic to help them withstand the elements and of course wear and tear. From replacement 9-inch white fenders with a built-in step to black fishing tadpull fenders without a step, Hanna Trailer carries the best selection Shoreland’r replacement fenders with free shipping!


Shoreland’r Leaf Springs

We carry a variety of factory Shorelandr leaf springs that are designed to be a direct replacement for your old leaf springs. The leaf springs we offer come in various lengths, different number of leaves, and weight capacities to fit your Shorelander boat trailer perfectly. The leaf springs provide a smooth ride that results in less wear and tear as they flex to absorb the road shock on your trailer.  Make sure you take care of your boat trailer with genuine Shorelander leaf springs to ensure that there are many more trouble-free years of use with it. From 2-leaf 500 lb capacity leaf springs to 5-leaf 3000 lb capacity leaf springs, Hanna RV is your one-stop source for all of your Shorelander marine trailer leaf spring needs.


Shoreland’r Lights And Wiring

Hanna RV carries a large selection of Shorelandr replacement lights and wiring parts for your boat trailer.  Shorelander’s precision engineering and quality testing ensures that your boat trailer lights and wiring will be looking and operating as they should year after year.  Hanna Trailer Supply offers a large selection of wiring harnesses that come in different lengths and specs to fit your particular Shoreland’r trailer. We carry a variety of tail lights to suit your needs, including LED and non-LED, waterproof, rectangular and square, and curved and straight tail lights for either side of your trailer.  We offer clearance and side marker lights that are available in amber and red, as well as LED, to work perfectly with your marine trailer.  From submersible, right-side square tail lights, LED left-side rectangular tail lights, and yellow LED side marker/clearance lights, to ground wires and LED wiring harnesses, Hanna Trailer Supply is your top source for your Shorelander boat trailer lights and wiring needs.


Shoreland’r Rollers, Stops, And Hardware

Hanna Trailer Supply has a large selection of OEM Shorelandr boat trailer rollers, stops, and hardware.  We offer a variety of bow rollers, wobble rollers, keel rollers, bow stops, and replacement roller end caps to perfectly fit your Shorelander roller boat trailer. Our high-quality factory rollers are constructed of EPDM rubber, nylon, and other high-quality materials in a variety of sizes and colors. Buying Shoreland’r brand name rollers for your Shorelander boat trailer is important to maintain the best performance. From 8-inch keel rollers, 4-inch wobble rollers, and EPDM V block stops, to hub rollers, roller end caps and roller arms, Hanna RV has everything you need to complete your next roller project on your Shorelander roller trailer.


Shoreland’r Tire And Wheel

Shop Hanna Trailer Supply for all your Shorelander replacement tire and wheel needs. Our factory wheels offer the same look, and our tires offer the same performance as your originals. Hanna RV stocks complete Shoreland’r trailer wheel assemblies, with the tires already mounted on the rims, for your convenience. The tire and wheel assemblies we offer come in a variety of sizes and load ranges to accommodate your specific Shorelandr trailer and boat weight you are hauling.  Spare tire carriers are an easy and convenient way to keep your spare tire attached to your trailer frame without having to give up any extra space in your truck.  From 20.5 x 8 x 10 Load Range E tire and wheel assemblies, silver modified rim and tire assemblies, and spare tire kits that fit 2 x 4 and 5 trailer frames, to replacement trailer wheel lug nuts, count on Hanna RV to bring you the best variety and pricing when it comes to Shoreland’r tires and rims.


Shoreland’r Jacks, Winches, And Straps

We are proud to carry a selection of OEM factory Shorelander jacks, winches, and straps that are specifically engineered and made with quality materials to fit like your Shorelandr boat trailer's original parts. Save some money and time when fixing your boat trailer by buying complete assemblies such as the Shorelander winch post assembly that is already is in a complete piece, ready to install for your convenience.  From replacement winch crank handles, winch straps with hooks, winch brakes, and channel stands, to winch stands and winch chain and strap guides, Hanna Trailer Supply is your complete online source for the Shoreland’r trailer jack, winch, and strap parts you are looking for that are available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate your needs.


Shoreland’r Miscellaneous Hardware

Hanna RV carries genuine OEM Shoreland’r replacement hardware to tackle any of your boat trailer repair projects. Trust that Shorelander hardware is specifically designed to fit your Shorelandr brand boat trailer, so there is no need to wonder if the parts will fit. Shorelander’s durable transom savers are the best way to protect your outboard motor transom from any harmful movement when you are trailering it. Hanna Trailer Supply carries the best adjustable transom savers to fit your application like a glove. Our bow safety chains help keep your boat from slipping off the trailer if something unexpected happens when hauling your rig up the boat launch ramp. From transom savers that adjust from 26-38 inches, safety chains that measure 20 links long x 1/4 inches thick, and spring brackets, to plastic keel pads and bolt-on swing brackets, Hanna Trailer Supply gives you the best Shorelandr hardware selection to assist you in repairing your Shorelander marine trailer.



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